Enneagram Typing Session [60-Minute 1:1 Call]

Enneagram Typing Session [60-Minute 1:1 Call]

Did you know that online Enneagram tests only have an accuracy rate of 65%?!

And even more shocking is that some online tests haven’t been validated!!!

This means you have probably been typed incorrectly due to the test.

If you’ve been typed wrong, you may be turned away from the Enneagram because it didn’t resonate. Or maybe you thought it was right, but when you applied it to your business or your personal life it didn’t click. This could lead you down the wrong path, having to backtrack, and make major adjustments.

It’s important for me to help entrepreneurs know their Enneagram because it can lead to more streamlined work, more joy in your business, and a bigger bottom line. I mean, who doesn’t want more revenue through ease and pleasure?!

In this 60-minute session, I will lead you through questions and scenarios to best determine your type. There are so many nuances within the Enneagram that tests do not pick up on (like body language, somatics, and voice inflections)!

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